This site is a contribution to COSMO and MEDOSMOSIS projects to provide information on sea surface currents in the Mediterranean basin and around the Iberian Peninsula. Here you have access to a drifting objects database and an atlas of climatological currents. The quality of the data depends on many factors and the products are still under validation. These data must be used with caution and under the responsibility of the user.

Drifting objects database

Atlas of Climatological Currents*

This work has been undertaken by:
  • Emili García Ladona (emilio at
  • Joaquim Ballabrera (joaquim at
  • Sergio González (sgonzalez at
  • Cristina González (cgharo at
  • Justino Martínez (justino at
  • Fernando Pérez (fperez at
  • Aina García Espriu (ainagarcia at
If you want to collaborate/contribute o report any error or comment, please don't hesitate to contact us.

* The Atlas of Climatological Currents is the electronic version of the following paper:

Martínez, J., García-Ladona, E., Ballabrera-Poy, J., Isern-Fontanet, J., González-Motos, S., Allegue, J.M., González-Haro, C., 2022. Atlas of surface currents in the Mediterranean and Canary–Iberian–Biscay waters, Journal of Operational Oceanography. doi:10.1080/1755876X.2022.2102357

The data of the monthly currents are available in netCDF format at

Martínez, J., García-Ladona, E., Ballabrera-Poy, J., 2021. Atlas of Mediterranean and Canary/Iberian/Biscay Atlantic currents (Ver. 1.0), [dataset]. doi: 10.20350/digitalCSIC/13834.