The MEDOSMOSIS project (Code: 6MED20_4.1_SP_005) is an Strategic Project funded by the INTERREG MED Program. The MED Program aims to benefit from appropriate tools and mechanisms to ease the implementation of better governance and thematic integration in the Mediterranean and contribute to shared operational plans on the overall area in key sectors of maritime surveillance. It is an enormous and challenging opportunity to seek for the demands among the National authorities carrying out Maritime Surveillance functions in the needs of operational infrastructure that cover marine spatial information obligations stemming from European Directives, initiatives and policies, in terms of maritime surveillance and safety.

The INTERREG MED Program objective is the development of a number of modules/applications regarding Maritime Surveillance activities and to facilitate information exchanges that will support the further development of a regional/local smart plug-in capability supporting interoperable, transnational sectoral systems, ensuring their regional, deployable and mobile interface, in order to enhance in-situ Situational Awareness, wherever needed in the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic approaches. It will explore the application of the current guidelines and capabilities of the ongoing evolution of the CISE data exchange model. It will carry pilot activities and capitalization actions to test,disseminate and distribute tools and protocols among partners either as being potential users but also as intermediaries to reach no participant entities.

The following three main results will be achieved within MED OSMoSIS:

  1. Innovative solutions for Maritime Surveillance
  2. Pilot studies results and capitalisation
  3. List of platforms for Maritime Surveillance

ICM Participants & Collaborators